Katter och hundar med barn

Many who are thinking of getting a pet start by thinking about whether it really fits into their everyday lives as it is at the moment. One of the factors that can determine the matter is whether the pet in question would match with one’s child. There is nothing wrong with thinking about how it would be to have a cat or dog and how this would work with the children. It is important to know that life changes quite drastically after you have obtained a pet – this is especially true when you get a dog. It’s not just the dog or the cat that’s going to fit the kids, but it’s also the kids who will learn how to socialize well with the animals. It is thus a mutual commitment which must be a project of learning for the children and for the pet.

Children and dogs and cats can work well together, but conflicts can also occur. One thing that many people think about when they think of cats and children are children who pull the cat in the tail or clap the moths. Such behavior must of course be corrected, not only because of course it is painful for the cat to be treated in this way, but also because there is a risk that the child will learn this in a more violent way. Cats are good at defending themselves and they have sharp claws and teeth. If they feel attacked, it can very well result in unpleasant experiences for the child. Therefore, make the new project a learning and having the child with you as you customize the home for the new family member. Teach the child how to, and not to, spend time with the pet.


What do the experts say?

There is nothing saying that children would be particularly suitable or unable to hang out with either dogs or cats. There are too many examples of cats and dogs that are good friends with children, that it would be strange to say that age plays a crucial role in this regard. There are even experts who believe that these pets can communicate better with children than with adults and that they can socialize at an equal level. This is especially true for dogs. If an adult is often seen by the dog as its head, children can be more easily regarded as a friend to play and communicate with at a more equivalent level. The important thing is, as said, to teach both parties to socialize with one another. Unfortunately, not all individuals, of both species, manage this, but some must simply be kept separate from each other.

How do you know in advance what will work?

It can of course be difficult to know in advance about this particular dog or the cat fits well with children, or if the child fits with pets at all. A good trick to try it later may be to fit a dog for a few days. Then you can easily find out if your child is good at managing this type of creature. In addition, there are some breeds of dogs that fits better with children than others. Therefore, before acquiring an animal, it is important to read about which breeds work better in combination with children and which breeds you should avoid. In the end, however, all individuals are formable and it depends largely on how you educate them. There must be a long-term and thoughtful plan in the calculations and the dog must have a chance to get used to the child.


What have we learned about the issue of children in combination with dogs and cats? The first thing we have reviewed is that both the child and the dog and the cat must have a chance to get to know each other and both parties need to be raised to socialize with each other. This means that you can not assume that it will work but that most of this kind of relationship goes well together if given a chance to flourish organically, under the supervision of an adult. Both cats and dogs are individuals and especially when it comes to dogs, there are some breeds that fit better than others together with children. If you think of these things, chances are that it will be great to combine children together with both cat and dog. There needs to be some commitment, but in the end it will usually be super good!


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